One-hour scripted drama. Renowned surgeon is about to perform a routine operation on the President when her family is taken hostage and she is ordered to sabotage the procedure and kill the President – or her family will die. Nothing is the way it seems in this drama. The format has already been sold to CBS in the US, and will air in Israel in early October on Channel 10 Israel.

Format owner: Armoza Formats
Country of origin: Israel (Channel 10)
Sold to: USA (CBS)

Shark Tank

Final results for 2013/2014 season: Ratings performance of global formats in USA.

Prisoners of War

Drama format by Keshet International was sold to USA, Europe and Asia. But it isn't a perfect bet for every broadcaster.

I Can Do That

Line up of new shows includes first pick up of non-Israeli entertainment format 'Prove Me You Love Me' and prime time studio entertainment format 'I Can Do That'.

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