Armoza Formats Brings New Shows to MIPCOM. Including 'Hostages'

I Can Do That

Line up of new shows includes first pick up of non-Israeli entertainment format 'Prove Me You Love Me' and prime time studio entertainment format 'I Can Do That'.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Armoza Formats announces new shows for fall TV market MIPCOM 2013. 6 new formats will be introduced in October in Cannes:

I Can Do That is 90-120’ show, described by Armoza as "its biggest yet prime time studio entertainment format". Developed together with Chinese Broadcaster JSBC, we see celebrities pushed to their limit: They will have to master a new skill in just one week, choosing from live acts by walking (or running, skipping and jumping) down the interactive studio steps and decide if they can do that.

Hostages is one-hour scripted drama. Renowned surgeon is about to perform a routine operation on the President when her family is taken hostage and she is ordered to sabotage the procedure and kill the President – or her family will die. Nothing is the way it seems in this drama. The format has already been sold to CBS in the US, and will air in Israel in early October on Channel 10 Israel.

Guys in Disguise, half-hour, surprise-filled comical dating show. A single girl will go on a date with two secret admirers, who have finally worked up the courage to reveal themselves to her. But in order for her to really see them, they must first be fully disguised. 'Guys in Disguise' was developed by Armoza together with Artza Productions ('Couch Diaries', 'The Gran Plan', 'How To Be').

While You Were Sleeping is half-hour show developed by Kastina Productions. Described by Armoza as the first ever game show that gives you money while you're fast asleep. One partner must answer trivia questions correctly to stay in the game, or risk performing a crazy and hilarious challenge – all without waking up their partner.

You, Me and My Ex is a new factual format that deals with the changing reality of today's family unit and gives divorcees the chance to unite their old family with their new. The current partner and the ex will go through a series of mental and emotional tasks in the hope that they will be able to resolve their differences and provide a happier environment for their kids. 'You, Me and My Ex' was developed with Buzz Productions ('Nobody’s Perfect', 'With This Ring').

Prove Me You Love Me is Armoza Formats' first pick up of a non-Israeli entertainment format, In this studio entertainment format people conquer their worst fears and surpass their boundaries to prove what they will do to win back the person they love.

(source: Armoza Formats press release)