Sing My Song

'Sing My Song' is a studio-based music contest, searching for the best original songs in the nation. Four singer-songwriters share their experience and expertise as producer-judges, providing feedback and guidance to the contestants. The judges also have an important goal: each is scouting for songs to be part of their own original music album. 'Sing My Song' highlights the musical creativity of the contestants. The competition uncovers the singer-songwriters who have the ability and talent to compose and perform their own unique songs. (source: ITV Studios press release)

Format distributor: ITV Studios
Genre: Talent show
Country of origin: China (CCTV-3)
Sold to: UK

Olli Schulz in Host in the Box

'Host in the Box', 'Adam Looking For Eve' and 'Sing My Song' lead this year's line-up of new quality shows premiering at MIPTV.

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