3 Most Promising New Formats from MIPTV 2014

Olli Schulz in Host in the Box

'Host in the Box', 'Adam Looking For Eve' and 'Sing My Song' lead this year's line-up of new quality shows premiering at MIPTV.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Distributors showed new formats during the international content market, MIPTV 2014. We reviewed the portfolios of all major distributing companies and picked three up and coming new formats that seemed promising.

Our evaluating criteria consisted of:

  • variability - can it be localized to work in large and small markets, creating ease for acquisition
  • originality of ideas - fresh and intriguing formats enticing new viewers
  • major international relevance - ability to enter different markets, appealing to corporations

Top three choices:

'Host in the Box' by Endemol: Flexible factual entertainment

German import 'Host in the Box' debuted on the ProSieben channel, targeted towards a young audience. It achieved solid numbers in a target group from 14-49, obtaining a 12% market share (AGF/GfK data). It aired in a late prime slot with tough competition since successful series were its rivals.

The format is based on a simple idea where the "host" is locked in a wooden box and shipped off to an unknown location. When the box is opened he gradually acclimates to his area learning cultural norms and standards. The main advantage of this format is its variability and ease of function at a price conscious lower budget. Alternative scenarios would be sending the host and his box to a nearby attractions like a prison. On the contrary it's possible to have a visually stunning show taking place in distant exotic locations, focusing on travel/vacations lending a sense of pure fun and leisure. This format is flexible creating a choice to have a new host every episode or maintain the same throughout the series.

'Adam Looking For Eve' by Eyeworks: Hidden desires of TV viewers

Seeming like a controversial and marginal format; men and women are placed on a  tropical island completely naked. But what makes  'Adam Looking For Eve' a relevant player is it was licensed by the nr. 1 broadcaster in Germany. The format launched in the Netherlands with a 19.1% share in 20-34 target group (or 14.9% shr in 20-49 group) with the channel's average being 6.8% in March 2014 . German RTL followed and acquired the format rights.

There’s a large demand for this type of "spicy" or "enticing" content with the entire MTV-programming strategy based on it. With shows like 'Paradise Hotel' or 'Big Brother' supporting this notion. Buyers of 'Adam Looking For Eve' will most likely face some controversial limelight with a potential threat to their brands, meaning its not for every station. On the contrary it might be called a "social experiment"while dealing with nudity on a sensitive scale. The format has ability to reach young audience, achieve strong social media presence and bring additional revenues from digital platforms by selling "uncensored" content for example via OTT platforms. Best suitable for smaller channels where buzz surpasses risks.

'Sing My Song' by ITV Studios: Format import from China

'Sing My Song' coming from China enters as a new player in a crowded talent competition market, with an appeal beyond Asian broadcasters. Unlike 'The Voice' or 'Idols' where contestants do karaoke-like singing these participants are singer-songwriters developing a new edge. The format was composed well and promises good gradation by creating a concept that’s universal and new. Additional marketing value comes with release of new songs by contestants during the competition and not afterwards like in other formats.

Average share on CCTV-3 was 37% according to ITV Studios.

'Sing My Song' is a great  concept with its success entirely dependent on whether broadcasters have space for it within the saturated talent/singing genre.