Keshet International Brings 4 New Formats to MIPCOM 2014

Help! I Can't Cook

The seller of 'Rising Star' and 'Boom!' adds new formats 'Help! I Can't Cook', 'Babe Magnet' and 'Not A Star Yet' to the catalogue.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Keshet International announces three new formats to debut at MIPCOM market.

Apart from 'Help! I Can't Cook' announced last week there are two more newcomers:

'Not A Star Yet' is Chinese reality talent/variety show with a central docu-reality element. The show sees children of the nation’s best known stars take to the stage. Having been shielded from the lime light until now, and with great expectation thrust upon them, the performers expose themselves for the first time, and must win over the crowd on their own merits while their celebrity parents watch from the sidelines.

In the new dating show 'Babe Magnet' four single guys vie for the heart of one hot babe by answering all her questions on sex, love and attraction while pinned to various surfaces. Every time the babe rejects a guy, she operates a magnetic device to repel them away. Eventually the babe eliminates each guy one by one, until finally, she chooses her Babe Magnet.

Read more about 'Help! I Can't Cook' here.

Keshet International also sells new drama 'DIG' as a finished program or format. DIG is an action thriller series which tells the story of a murder mystery set against the backdrop of modern day Jerusalem, a city shrouded in ancient intrigue.

(source: Keshet International press release)