New at MIPCOM: 'Help! I Can't Cook', 'Los Gonzalez', 'Flight 920' and More

Flight 920

Keshet International, Armoza Formats and Televisa Internacional announce new formats to premiere at MIPCOM 2014.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Global format distributors Keshet International, Armoza Formats and Televisa Internacional announce new shows that will launch global sales in October at MIPCOM 2014.

'Help! I Can't Cook' features A-list celebrities who are the greatest in their fields and accustomed to excelling at everything they do. But they all have one hidden weakness they have never confronted: They can't cook. In this new reality show by Keshet International they face it.

'Help! I Can't Cook' premiered on September 13 on Keshet Broadcasting with 30.8 rating and 44% share in households. Keshet says it was the highest-rated reality launch of 2014 in Israel and second highest-rated ever behind 'Rising Star'.

Talent show 'Stand Up For Your Country' by Televisa Internacional turns latest internet stars that are going viral around the world into true stars. Couples made up by parents and their kids will finally get the chance to show their talent in a TV, judged by the audience.

Another new Televisa Internacional format 'Los Gonzalez' is about making real hidden camera pranks. The format mixes reality and fiction when a fictional family members pretend to be real and go on the street to play pranks on real people.

'The People's Choice' by Armoza Formats tests how well we know our nation by presenting viewers with the most trending dilemmas like "a week without showering or without their smartphone", "world peace or $1 million" etc. Once the nation has made its choice live, participants must guess what the entire country chose. The format is an outcome of a strategic co-development partnership between Armoza Formats and TF1.

In 'Flight 920' by Armoza Formats 20 singles seeking love and adventure are given the chance to discover exotic destinations. Armed with only their backpacks and determination, the globe-trotters must earn their ticket to their next stop by participating in location-based challenges. The ticket winners will have to decide who else to take with them to the next stage, creating drama and special bonds along the way.

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