Into the Wild

Wildlife cameramen would normally spend weeks and months hiding out, waiting for a glimpse of big cats, bears or wolves. In a new twist on natural history programmes, a wildlife expert has just three days, accompanied by a different celebrity guest each episode, as they attempt to track down some of the country’s most elusive and iconic wildlife species. Whilst the celebrity learns everything from how to track an otter to how to find an owl’s nest or recognise wildcat territory, we learn as much about their own lives. Forced out of their comfort zone, we get to know the famous faces intimately as they take on experiences that could see them canoe, camp, dig their own toilets and sit for hours in all-weather waiting for that all elusive encounter. Part wildlife series, part celebrity biography this is a new take on natural history filming. (source: BBC Worldwide press release)

Format distributor: BBC Worldwide
Genre: reality
Country of origin: UK

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