For What It's Worth

For What It's Worth is a compelling new quiz that features three pairs of contestants, comprised of a Quizzer who tries to correctly answer general knowledge questions so that their partner, the Picker, can select antique and collectable Lots in a bid to amass the most valuable collection.

In a game of strategy and shrewd judgement played over three rounds, the pairs with the lowest value collections are eliminated, leaving the winners to select just one Lot from all those they have collected. Before we tell them how much it’s worth, there is one final twist; we will tempt them with the Mystery Lot…which may or may not be worth more than the one from their own collection. They’ll be given the value of the Lot they ultimately choose in cash – but can they separate the treasure from the trash? (source: BBC Worldwide press release)

Format distributor: BBC Worldwide
Genre: antiques quiz show
Country of origin: UK (BBC One)

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