Ultimate Hell Week

Special Forces around the world have one thing in common – their selection courses are the toughest things you can put your body and mind through. In this action-packed series, 29 super fit men and women take on the challenge of their lives when they have to endure 12 days straight of physical and mental endurance, masterminded by some of the world’s toughest special forces operatives, to discover who can survive and ultimately win. Each episode puts the focus on the tactics of one force. With veterans from the US Navy Seals, the Philippines’ Navsog, the Russian Spetsnaz, Israel’s Yamam, Australian SAS as well as the UK’s SAS, the recruits face a series of challenges that reflect the selection processes used by these units. Pushed to their limits and beyond, who will be left standing in the ultimate commando assault course? Each new day brings a new living nightmare, with every challenge different from the last. These are physical and mental challenges designed to break the most hardened soldiers – are our competitors tough enough to get through them? (source: BBC Worldwide press release)

Format distributor: BBC Worldwide
Genre: reality, survival (one hour)
Country of origin: UK (BBC Two)
Website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b069ccw0

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