Stand Up For Your Country

'Stand Up For Your Country' celebrates the ability of parents and kids to move the audience to the point of giving a standing ovation. Due to their talent, chemistry or sense of humor, their performances have already been a viral phenomenon on the web, but now it's time to take the stage. To keep in the contest, the singing and dancing duos have to get a standing ovation from the audience, measured by a sensor device in their seats: one person means one vote. Nonetheless, that's not the only applause that counts here. Isolated in the “music box”, where they can't influence or be influenced, a celebrity jury also waits to give an ovation… or not. Can these parents and kids make a whole nation to stand up and applaud? (source: Televisa press release)

Format distributor: Televisa Internacional
Genre: talent show
Country of origin: Mexico (Levantate México)

Flight 920

Keshet International, Armoza Formats and Televisa Internacional announce new formats to premiere at MIPCOM 2014.

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