In the studio game show Stacked a couple competes in correctly answering as many true-or-false-questions in a row as possible. For every correct answer the couple climbs a level on the Container Stack, a huge pyramid-shaped tower of shipping containers in the studio. Five of the containers are filled with prizes for the entire family, all the others are empty. The biggest prizes in the containers are revealed to the couple by their own loved ones in powerful, emotional video packages. (source:

Format distributor: Elk Entertainment
Genre: studio game show
Country of origin: Sweden (TV4)
AKA: Drömpyramiden (Sweden)

Ich bin ein Star - Holt mich hier raus! Picture: RTL

German version of a celebrity jungle show succesfully opens 11th season on RTL. TV format highlights, last week's ratings and a list of upcoming premieres.

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