Seven Envelopes

This feel good entertainment show takes to the streets of one town and turns 7 ordinary people in to instant contestants who all have a chance to win a big cash prize. The random contestants, all going about their normal daily business, are each offered the choice of a golden envelope containing a cash prize. If they agree to play they must keep their envelope with them for the whole day, whatever they are doing and wherever they are going. At the end of the day they are offered the temptation of swapping their envelope for the contents of a prize box. Two of the contestants are randomly selected and brought together on a pop-up set. The person chosen as contestant six has the choice to hold on to their original envelope or swap with contestant 7. Lucky contestant number 7 then plays the final game with the chance to win a cash prize. (source: BBC Worldwide press release)

Genre: unscripted (half hour)
Format distributor: BBC Worldwide
Country of origin: UK (UKTV)

You’re Back in The Room

BBC Worldwide announces line-up of new formats for MIPTV 2015.

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