Pressure Cooker

Four contestants are split into two pairs across the first two rounds, each with a celebrity chef to assist them. They have 30 minutes to prepare a meal using only the random ingredients that appear on the unpredictable conveyor belt and basic ingredients available in the kitchen. But they’ll have to be careful what they choose, as they must use every ingredient that they take. At the end of the first two rounds the individual efforts of each competing pair are judged by a celebrity food expert and the best cook from each goes through to the final. The two finalists then have just 30 minutes to cook a dinner and a dessert to impress the food expert one last time. Who will master the conveyor belt to be crowned the best home cook and take home a year’s worth of groceries? (source: BBC Worldwide press release)

Genre: unscripted (45 minutes)
Format distributor: BBC Worldwide
Country of origin: Canada (W Network)

You’re Back in The Room

BBC Worldwide announces line-up of new formats for MIPTV 2015.

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