Married at First Sight

In this TV experiment, 6 singles who have failed to find love take their most radical step yet: they marry a complete stranger. A scientific matching process is conducted by psychologists, anthropologists and members of the church. The singles meet their most suited partner for the very first time at the altar. After the weddings, married couples become acquainted with one another on their honeymoons and upon their return they get to know each other even better when they move in to the marital home together. Cameras document everything - from their first kiss to their first tears - and experts provide objective analysis of their relationships throughout. After 6 weeks each couple must make a decision: do they stay together and live happily ever after? (source:

Format distributor: Red Arrow International
Country of origin: Denmark (DR3)
Genre: reality/social experiment

Rose d'Or 2014

'Gogglebox' scores in a reality category and Endemol's 'Pointless' is the best game show of the year; a thorough list of 2014 Rose d'Or Awards winners and nominees.

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