Imported follows the story of a football player who is spotted by a talent scout for Chelsea Football Club and thinks all of his dreams of becoming an international soccer player - and the fame and glamor that comes with it - have finally come true. But when he lands in the UK, with his pushy father, idle brother and diva girlfriend in tow, he is surprised to find that things are somewhat different from what he had imagined. Imported tells the laugh-out-loud story of what happens when he, his outrageous family and wannabe girlfriend are dropped into the not so glamourous world of UK football - and how he is repeatedly held back by the people who supposedly love him the most. (source: Keshet International press release)

Genre: scripted, comedy (half hour)
Format distributor: Keshet International
Country of origin: Israel

Trade Up

Game show format 'Trade Up' and scripted comedy 'Imported' travel to Cannes to be shown to global TV buyers.

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