Help! I Can't Cook

Help! I Can’t Cook features A-list celebrities who are the greatest in their fields and accustomed to excelling at everything they do. A basketball hero, a famous actress, an adored children's TV presenter, a renowned screenwriter, a leading professor – all of these are people used to receiving awards and accolades, but they all have one hidden weakness they have never confronted: They can't cook.

Celebrities face their fear of the kitchen - with disastrous, frustrating, heart-warming and rib-tickling results. The stars are pushed outside their comfort zone, losing their usual poise as they regress to their school days by becoming students at the remote and secluded Culinary Academy. Witness the results when you mix some supreme talent with a huge serving of egos and fold in a set of tasks way outside their comfort zone. (source: Keshet)

Format distributor: Keshet International
Genre: reality cooking show (60/90 minutes)
Country of origin: Israel (Keshet Broadcasting)


'The Big Picture', 'Help! I Can't Cook' and 'Stars at Your Service' lead this year's line-up of new quality shows premiering at MIPCOM.

Help! I Can't Cook

The seller of 'Rising Star' and 'Boom!' adds new formats 'Help! I Can't Cook', 'Babe Magnet' and 'Not A Star Yet' to the catalogue.

Flight 920

Keshet International, Armoza Formats and Televisa Internacional announce new formats to premiere at MIPCOM 2014.

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