Grow. Make. Eat.

In Grow. Make. Eat. nine pairs of enthusiastic contestants compete to discover who has the greenest fingers in this ultimate test of horticultural know-how. Armed with an outside space ready for planting, a garden shed, tools and a budget for seeds, each pair nurtures, feeds and grows their own produce across one growing season. At the end of the season they compete in a series of challenges designed to test their skills and imagination, from growing the perfect vegetable or flower specimen to creating unique and exciting larder items from the produce they’ve grown. But good produce can only come from a good harvest. Will the gardeners’ cooking skills be hampered by their ability to grow? Every decision is vital as they plan and plant their plot to grow the best flowers, fruit and vegetables and create the most amazing dishes, arrangements and preserves. Judged by leading experts, one team will be eliminated each week until the final, when one pair is crowned the Grow. Make. Eat. champions. (source: SPT)

Format owner: Sony Pictures Television
Country of origin: UK (BBC Two)

Genealogy Roadshow

Interesting format concepts from Cannes content market. FremantleMedia, Sony and All3media International introduced shows that could work internationally.

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