Gogglebox AKA The People's Couch

We watch hours of television every day - the TV set is the focal point of our home; it’s where we eat, chat, break up, make up, chill out or freak out. "The national conversation" takes place under the watchful glow of our flat screens, and now ‘Gogglebox’ is here to capture it. Each week 'Gogglebox' presents the highlights of the week’s television, intercut with footage of ordinary people watching it at home. Featuring a cross-section of society - the working class family, a student household, a gay couple, elderly grandparents and their grandchildren - we see not only their diverse reactions to the week’s biggest soap storyline or high-end drama, but also to the country’s sporting events and unfolding big news stories. The show features these same characters every week. (source: all3mediainternational.com)

Format distributor: All3media International
Genre: observational show
Country of origin: UK (Channel 4)
Sold to: USA (Bravo)
AKA: The People's Couch (USA)
Website: www.armozaformats.com/formats/game_shows/the_common_denominator

Jan Maxa. Picture: Czech TV/Mikulas Krepelka

"Format business is not as successful as couple of years ago," says Jan Maxa, Director of Content and Formats Development at Czech Television in our one-on-one interview.

Rose d'Or 2014

'Gogglebox' scores in a reality category and Endemol's 'Pointless' is the best game show of the year; a thorough list of 2014 Rose d'Or Awards winners and nominees.

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