The Getaway Car

Set in an exclusive raceway, The Getaway Car seesfriends and family take part in the ultimate relationship road test. Each episode sees five couples go head to head in an action-packed competition, as they take on a series of driving, obstacle and quiz challenges. Their driving skills, general knowledge and above all their relationships will be put to the test over three rounds that will ultimately determine which couple will reach the adrenaline-charged final, The Getaway Chase. In the epic finale they go helmet-to-helmet with a racing legend for a big money cash prize. The UK show features The Stig, alongside supercars, hilariously customised family saloons, 4x4 race buggies and the Getaway Car itself, mixed with couples under pressure and in with the chance to win a huge prize jackpot, it is sure to be packed with thrills, laughs and a few screams along the way. (source: BBC Worldwide press release)

Format distributor: BBC Worldwide
Genre: competition
Country of origin: UK (BBC One)

The Getaway Car by BBC Worldwide

BBC Worldwide unveils line-up of new shows for MIPTV 2016.

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