Flight 920

20 singles seeking love and adventure are given the chance to discover 9 exotic destinations. As they go off the beaten track they will discover new cultures each week. Armed with only their backpacks and determination, they must earn their ticket to their next stop by participating in challenges that relate to their new cultural setting and give back to the community they’re in. Throughout the challenges, the ticket winners will have to decide who else to take with them to the next stage. At the end of each week, contestants who haven’t won a ticket to the next location must return home, while the others fight to be the last couple standing in order to win the prize. (source: armozaformats.com)

Format distributor: Armoza Formats
Genre: reality (one hour for access, 90 minutes for prime time)
Country of origin: Canada (TVA)
Website: www.armozaformats.com/formats/new/flight_920

By Invitation Only

Israeli distribution company Armoza Formats brings seven new formats to MIPCOM 2014.

Flight 920

Keshet International, Armoza Formats and Televisa Internacional announce new formats to premiere at MIPCOM 2014.

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