The Farm

Strix’s most successful stripped reality, where city slickers sink or swim in a rural setting. For anyone who has ever dreamed of the simple country life, the farm is their chance to discover what it’s really like! Six women and six men are thrown together to survive as farmers without any of the luxuries we all take for granted: running water, electricity, sewerage and modern toilets and mobile phones. (source:

Format distributor: Strix/DRG Formats
Genre: reality
Country of origin: Sweden (TV4)
Sold to: Norway (TV2), Denmark (TV3), Greece (Mega VIP), Hungary (TV3), Estonia (TV3), Latvia (TV3), Lithuania (TV3), France (TF1), Italy (Italia1, Canale 5), Colombia (Canal Caracol), Holland (Yorin), Belgium: (VTM), Turkey (ATV), Portugal (TVI), Spain (Antena 3), United Kingdom (Channel Five), Chile (Canal 13), Lebanon (LBC), U.A.E. (LBC), Qatar (LBC), Bahrain (LBC), Yemen (LBC), Oman (LBC), Iraq (LBC), Iran (LBC), Jordan (LBC), Syria (LBC), Saudi Arabia (LBC), Libya (LBC), Palestine (LBC), Egypt (LBC), Tunis (LBC), Algeria (LBC), Morocco (LBC), Sudan (LBC), Djibouti (LBC), Mauritania (LBC), Kuwait: (LBC), Comoros Islands (LBC), Slovenia (POP TV, Planet TV), Croatia (Nova), Brazil (Record), Serbia (TV Pink), Macedonia (SITEL), Bosnia & Herzegovina (TV PINK BH), Montenegro (Pink M), Germany (RTL), Slovakia (TV Markiza), Spain (Telecinco), Czech Republic (Nova), Finland (Nelonen)


Why 'Utopia' didn't succeed in USA and instead of "the largest social experiment on TV" Fox got fall's biggest reality failure.

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