The Edge

Four contestants start every show. They vie for pole position by answering quick-fire general knowledge questions against the clock. When the questions stop, the game begins and the higher the player’s position the better their chances of success as they face The Edge. The contestants take part in four rounds with increasing amounts of money on offer, attempting to roll their ball as close to the edge as possible to bank the maximum amount of money. If they roll too far, however, they are in danger of rolling their ball over the edge and going home with nothing. After each bowling round, the contestant with the lowest score is eliminated and the shortest lane is shut down. The final contestant has to roll their ball down the big money lane to win the prize money they’ve accumulated over the game. Can they roll their ball into the all-important jackpot zone, or will they send it agonisingly over The Edge? (source: BBC Worldwide press release)

Genre: quiz/game show hybrid (45 minutes)
Format distributor: BBC Worldwide
Country of origin: UK

You’re Back in The Room

BBC Worldwide announces line-up of new formats for MIPTV 2015.

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