Beat Your Host

This host is extremely confident – even cocky – about his abilities in every imaginable arena. Sports? He thinks he’s a star athlete. General knowledge? He’s like an encyclopedia. Strength and exibility challenges? He could be an acrobat! In fact he’s so very self-assured that he’s prepared to make a huge cash wager that he can’t be beaten, no matter what form the competition takes or who the opponent.

So, in each episode a different member of the viewing public will challenge the host head-to-head in a range of challenges - live on stage. They might find themselves playing soccer underwater, transporting gravel using a digger, carrying heavy objects across a tightrope, answering general knowledge quiz questions, racing around a BMX or rollerblade course, shing for objects using only their mouths... As the number of rounds increase in this epic challenge, so do the points available to win for each. The first contestant to accumulate half the available number of points for the episode is named the winner! (source:

Format distributor: Banijay International
Genre: entertainment/game show (60/90/120 minutes)
Country of origin: Germany (ProSieben)
Sold to: Australia (Seven), Bulgaria (Nova TV), Croatia (RTL), Denmark (TV2), France (TF1), Hungary (TV2), Norway (TV Norge), Serbia (Prva), Sweden (Kanal 5), Turkey (Fox), UK (ITV1), Ukraine (1+1)

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