Antique Detectives

Antique Detectives seek to investigate the history behind a family treasure to reveal the lost secrets concealed within. The antiques experts join a family member on an emotional journey through their personal history, uncovering stories of love and loss, triumph and joy, inspirational acts of human endeavour and graphic tales of sorrow. Along the way the experts find out about the artists and craftspeople involved in creating the object, find the descendants of owners of some enigmatic antiques and give the audience tips on how to be their own family heirloom detective, by tracing the origins and history of your own antique treasures. (source: BBC Worldwide press release)

Distributor: BBC Studios
Genre: Factual
Duration: 30'
Originating territory: UK
Produced in: UK (BBC)
Market premiere: MIPTV 2015

You’re Back in The Room

BBC Worldwide announces line-up of new formats for MIPTV 2015.

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