'Kiss Bang Love' U.S. Series Premiere on FYI

Tuesday, January 3, 2017
Kiss Bang Love

FYI has set a premiere date for 'Kiss Bang Love', the new original series from the creators and producers of 'Married at First Sight', where singles choose a potential mate based on blindfolded kissing. Ten one-hour episodes will premiere beginning on Tuesday, January 3 at 10pm ET.

In 'Kiss Bang Love', singles searching for love will participate in a social experiment to explore whether blind physical chemistry can pre-determine romantic success. Each episode will follow a new man or woman as they meet ten potential matches and ultimately choose their favorite based on kissing while blindfolded, associated sensory perceptions and intimate conversations. Two final matches will go on romantic dates before a final decision is made and sealed with a kiss.

The series is hosted by 'Married at First Sight' relationship and communication expert, Rachel DeAlto, who will provide guidance and advice to the singles throughout the experiment.

U.S. version of 'Kiss Bang Love' is produced by Kinetic Content for FYI. Chris Coelen and Sam Dean are executive producers for Kinetic Content. Gena McCarthy and Toby Faulkner serve as executive producers for FYI. The show is based on Danish format. Red Arrow International sells format rights to global markets.

Source: FYI press release