'Familien Duell Prominenten-Special' New Episodes on RTL

Friday, June 27, 2014
Raúl Richter, Daniel Hartwich and Anja Polzer in Familien Duell Prominenten-Special

German broadcaster RTL returns with family game show 'Familien Duell Prominenten-Special' on Friday, June 27 (8:15-9:15 PM). RTL plans 4 episodes for summer midseason.

'Familien Duell Prominenten-Special' is a celebrity version of FremantleMedia’s 'Family Feud' format. 100 people (in this case studio audience) were asked general questions and contestants in the studio try to find top, most frequent answers.

Daniel Hartwich hosts German adaptation of the show, UFA Show & Factual serves as production company and Alexandra Herden is a Senior Producer. First episode includes Raúl Richter, Musiker Giovanni Zarrella, Anja Polzer and Anna-Maria Zimmermann as contestants.