Keshet International to Unveil Two New Formats at MIPTV


Company behind 'Rising Star' will introduce two new formats to international buyers. Find more about 'Boom!' and 'Easy Money'.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Distribution and production company Keshet International brought 'Rising Star' to 2013 TV content market. Later the format was named '2013 newcomer of the year' by and The Hollywood Reporter said it 'became arguably the hottest-selling new format of 2013'. Israeli company developed new formats and will introduce them at upcoming MIPTV market:

Easy Money is new half hour comedy format about a claims adjuster who wins $70 million in lottery but doesn’t want to spend a single cent on his wife.

Boom! merges intellectual and physical challenges of game show genre into one. A team of four members must defuse eight 'bombs' by answering trivia questions by cutting through colored wires which represent multiple choice answers. If the player answers correctly the prize money remains intact, if they cut the wrong wire, or run out of time the bomb will explode strewing material across the studio and shaking the set – and the team will lose one player and 25% of money. The format allows viewers at home to play along.

Last fall's newcommer 'Rising Star' was sold to over 25 territories and Keshet International will officially start selling the finished US version at MIPTV.

MIPTV market takes places in Cannes and starts on April 7, 2014.

Update: Keshet International launched new format Elevator Pitch at MIPTV 2014 as well. 'Elevator Pitch' is a live interactive viewing event which directly engages the audience and gives them an influence over the fate of the show’s contestants and their ideas. An entrepreneur must pitch to the nation and five tycoons located on the top floor to secure a minimum percentage of the viewing audience and the tycoons’ interest within a time limit. Only then can they enter the studio and take part in a live bidding war with the tycoons who have voted "in". If they can’t travel up the required number of floors, the elevator returns to the ground floor and the entrepreneur leaves without ever coming face to face with their potential investors.