ITV Studios Reveals New Formats for MIPTV 2016

It's Not Rocket Science

From new concepts like 'Drive' and 'It's Not Rocket Science' to new take on established format in 'Come Dine: Champion of Champions'. These are ITV Studios' newcomers.

Monday, March 21, 2016

ITV Studios has announced the introduction of 13 new formats for MIPTV 2016. List includes a new take on established format in 'Come Dine: Champion of Champions' and brand new projects as well, with entertainment series 'Drive' considered to be company's highlight.

'Drive' driving competition that see the celebrities testing their skills behind the wheel in everything from old cars and 4x4s to rally cross and F4 cars in a series of driving challenges.

'Come Dine: Champion of Champions'. New take on 'Come Dine With Me' format sees former contestants cooking against each other in a series of challenges. They’ll be marking each other’s efforts but will also be judged by some special mystery guests.

'One Hundred And Eighty' is supposed to combine the drama of a sporting event with the excitement of a studio game show, as professional darts players team up with skilled members of the public to compete for a money prize.

'It’s Not Rocket Science' is an entertainment series that brings science to life through experiments and poses and solves scientific questions, telling some emotional personal stories along the way.

'Insert Name Here' Comedy entertainment show about people past and present with one thing in common - same name. Led by a celebrity host, the two panels of three will battle it out to argue that they have found the greatest owner of that name.

'Think Tank' is a quiz show in which a regular cast of contributors from across the nation answer hundreds of questions ahead of each show, with their answers forming the basis of the quiz. Three contestants then play the game, hoping they can answer correctly and win a big cash prize.

'The Nation’s Spending Secrets' sends people on spending swaps with another family household to compare their lifestyles and views, while also taking a closer look at some of the richest and poorest personalities of the nation.

'Test Your Love' A follow-up to 'Pissed Off'. Interactive show which gives the audience the chance to put their relationships under the microscope alongside the celebrity couples on the show. In the opening studio episode, four celebrity couples calculate their ‘relationship score’ using the specially created online test, which can also be taken by viewers at home. After highlighting positive areas and room for improvement, each couple completes a tailored relationship boot camp, before they return to the studio to test their love again and see if they can improve their score.

'How to Lose Weight Well'. Experts help dieters to test the most-hyped diets out there, from the 5:2 to the Paleo and the Master Cleanse, in a bid to reflect what slimmers attempt to do every day.

'Should Have Seen a...' lifts the lid on people who have never seen a doctor or dentist, but desperately need to and follows their journeys as they undertake dramatic transformations.

In 'Secret Dates', a long-time singleton is nominated by their friends to unwittingly ‘date’ four potential suitors over a week, while hidden cameras capture every moment. At the end of the week the elaborate ruse is revealed - but how will they react, and which suitor will they choose?

'Lunchbox'. Daytime cookery show in which three home cooks are given identical boxes of mystery ingredients with which to cook a meal that betters their rivals. Their family and friends must then try to guess which meal is their partner’s, and which is the best.

'Survival School' sees ten kids go on the biggest adventure of their lives, leaving technology behind and heading into the great outdoors to learn how to survive from a survival expert. They will be taught all of the tools needed to take on the wilderness, from skills like making a fire to techniques for crossing rivers, as well as learning how teamwork, perseverance and resilience are critical to success.

Source: ITV Studios press release