Endemol Brings New Formats to MIPTV. Including 'Your Face Sounds Familiar' Sequel

Host in the Box Germany

'Fundastic', 'Ejector Seat', 'Host in the Box' and 'Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids & Co' are newcomers in spring 2014 Endemol format catalogue.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Endemol annouces line-up of new formats. The company, known globally for 'Big Brother' and 'Your Face Sounds Familiar', will introduce these formats at MIPTV 2014 for the first time:

Fundastic is a live multiplatform series integrating real-time active viewing. In this format entrepreneurs not only face a panel of tough judges but must win over viewers who decide via the app how much financial backing from the prize fund each contender deserves. The final winning entrepreneur receives funding as well as expert mentoring and guidance to help make their business vision a reality.

Ejector Seat is a general knowledge game show that gets contestant under pressure no matter how simple questions are. If contestants answer questions correctly they stay sitting in their seat. But give the wrong response and their seat travels backwards along the track and risk being tipped backwards from their seats.

Host in the Box is a factual entertainment series. The presenter is locked in a wooden box and shipped off to an undisclosed location equipped with nothing but curiosity and the box they arrive in. The host must adapt to a completely different lifestyles than what they are used to.

Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids & Co brings together an all-star cast from previous 'Your Face Sounds Familiar' series to mentor talented kids. Eight youngsters are teamed up with eight of the best celebrities to perform in duos, impersonating musical performers of all times. The 'Your Face Sounds Familiar' buzzer will determine which modern or iconic musical performance each contestant will become the following week.

(source: Endemol press release)