From Drama to Game Show: Armoza Formats Unveils 9 New Formats

Runway in my Closet

Israeli distributor announces line up of new shows for international content market MIPTV 2014.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Israeli distributor Armoza Formats, known for show like 'Still Standing' or 'Upgrade', reveals new formats in its catalogue. The portfolio includes shows coming from the partnership with Canadian QMI Content (Armoza became the sole international distributor of all their shows), first Chinese format sold internationally, Central European project or Israeli concepts. Armoza Formats' MIPTV line up includes these newcomers:

Celebrity Battle searches for country’s best music duo. Celebrity singer-producer duos compete must impress the real judges - the audience - to suceed. Only one singer-producer team can be crowned the winner. The show aired on JSBC and has already been recommissioned for second season. According to Armoza Formats it is the first Chinese format to be distributed internationally.

Runway in my Closet is a daily stripped show. Each week 3 upcoming designers are challenged to turn shabby and worn items into chic outfits, competing against each other and putting their design skills to the test. Taking regular people as models and using old clothes from their “model’s” closet, they must create three different looks within a limited time and budget to win the prize.

That's my House!. Factual entertainment competition show that tests if you could guess who lives in a stranger’s house just from looking around. Three people claim to live in a house and tell their stories, but two of them lie.

Who's Asking? Studio game show that’s not about what the question is, but who asks it. Bus driver, your doctor, grandma - they all have questions for contestants.

The Final Cut-Down. Daily styling format created in Czech Republic. Each week, 5 hairdressers compete to make the final cut, and in every episode, one of them will share their best hair styling advice, tips and tricks while working to transform a lucky passer-by in just 3 hours.

The Killer Inside is a psychological thriller that follows an interrogation specialist and her team as they delve into suspects’ psychological truth. The specialist will solve murders in unpredictable way by building a relationship of trust with suspects, uncovering lies and getting a confession - all in the interrogation room.

Only One Knows. Family game show where 5 celebrities compete every day in a quiz that tests not only their general knowledge but also their intuition because bluffer is trying to fool them. Money goes to charity.

Born to Win. Game show which gives new parents chance to win prizes for their baby right from the start - from the day the baby is born.

Pull Over. On-location game show that proves being pulled over by a cop doesn’t have to ruin your day. Instead of getting a ticket, lucky owners of old and tired vehicles will get a chance to win a brand new car on the spot.

MIPTV starts April 7 in Cannes, France. Find out more at

(source: Armoza Formats press release)