To Tell the Truth

To Tell The Truth is a game of mystery, deduction and intrigue, as three mystery guests go head to head in front of a quick-witted panel of celebrity sleuths. All guests are claiming to be the same person, with the same extraordinary tale to tell - but only one is telling the truth. The celebrity line-up has to use all their powers of intuition to guess who really is who they claim to be. (source:

Format distributor: FremantleMedia
Country of origin: USA (CBS)
Sold to: Australia, Canada (CTV), Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Ukraine, United Kingdom

The Bachelor

U.S. format market has a new leader - The Bachelor. Final ratings for the 2016-2017 season.

I Love My Country - Slovakia

How much are license fees for global formats 'What do I Know?!', 'I Love My Country' and 'Family Feud'? price discoveries.

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