Prisoners of War AKA Homeland

'Prisoners of War' follows two soldiers as they attempt to re-adjust to their lives after returning home from captivity for 17 years. In addition to their personal struggles, it becomes clear that there is a profound secret that the two are keeping from everyone. (source: Keshet International press release)

Format distributor: Keshet International
Country of origin: Israel (Keshet Channel 2)
Sold to: USA (Showtime), South Korea, Russia, Turkey
AKA: Homeland (USA)

Cynthia Kennedy, Sales Director at Keshet International

Cynthia Kennedy, Sales Director of Keshet International, discusses 'Rising Star', 'Boom!', award winning 'Homeland' and international format business.

Prisoners of War

Drama format by Keshet International was sold to USA, Europe and Asia. But it isn't a perfect bet for every broadcaster.

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