I Can Do That

Developed together with Chinese Broadcaster JSBC, we see celebrities pushed to their limit: They will have to master a new skill in just one week, choosing from live acts by walking (or running, skipping and jumping) down the interactive studio steps and decide if they can do that.

Format distributor: Armoza Formats
Sold to: Italy, Russia
Website: www.armozaformats.com/formats/new/i_can_do_that

'I Can Do That! Russia' Premiere on Rossiya 1

I Can Do That! Russia

Russian adaptation of Armoza Formats' prime time studio entertainment show 'I Can Do That!' debuts on Sunday, October 12 (4:30-8:00 PM), on Rossiya 1. Local title is 'Я смогу!'.

Russian public broadcaster has licensed the show from Armoza Formats.

Russian singer and actor Timur Rodriguez will host the show, while sportscaster Vladimir Stognienko will also act as host and commentator. The cast will range from actresses and singers to painters and athletes.

Genealogy Roadshow

Interesting format concepts from Cannes content market. FremantleMedia, Sony and All3media International introduced shows that could work internationally.

I Can Do That

Line up of new shows includes first pick up of non-Israeli entertainment format 'Prove Me You Love Me' and prime time studio entertainment format 'I Can Do That'.

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