Talpa Introduces 'The Big Picture' and 4 Other New Formats at MIPCOM

The Big Picture

'The Big Picture', 'Born To Bloom', 'The Secret Of A Good Marriage', 'Beat It' and 'Money Matters' are Talpa's new formats.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Apart from formats like 'The Voice' and 'Utopia' Talpa brings also new formats to MIPCOM market in Cannes. Five new formats will be introduced to international broadcasters:

'The Big Picture' puts your visual knowledge to the test. In this game show the connected player can play along in real-time with a studio player and could end up winning money.

'Born To Bloom'. Fifteen amateur floral designers enter into a battle with one another. They’re judged by three renowned floral designers. Week after week the participants must prove they possess exceptional creativity to stay in the race. On each episode they’ll carry out a team assignment at different locations. They could, for instance, transform a vast dining hall in a castle, decorate a lavish celebrity wedding, a star-studded musical premiere or the catwalk of an haute couture fashion show.

'The Secret Of A Good Marriage' is a social experiment that gives insight into which is the better matchmaker: Science or nature? Four couples get married early on in the series. A comprehensive science-based matching procedure matches two hypothetically perfect couples that don’t meet until they say their vows. The other two couples met each other in real life just a few months earlier. In record speed, these four couples experience what married life is like.

'Beat It'. In this singing competition performances meet physical eliminations. If a celebrity captain doesn’t like a performance, he holds the power to eliminate a contestant in a special way.

'Money Matters'. The support is given in the form of a monetary sum that each member of the audience, with input from a panel of experts, may donate to one of the three candidates to help them get a new start on life. Whatever the outcome, no one goes home without financial assistance and encouragement.

(source: talpa.tv)