'Orphan Black' and 'Tumble' Lead BBC Worldwide Line-up for MIPCOM

Orphan Black

16 new scripted and unscripted formats from BBC Worldwide debut at MIPCOM 2014.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

BBC Worldwide brings a total of 16 new scripted and unscripted formats to MIPCOM, as announced in a press release:


'A Question of Sport: Super Saturday'. The show features two teams of celebrities headed up by regular mischievous team captains. Each week the teams face a mix of studio challenges and outside of the studio the two team captains must face an on-location ‘Super Saturday Challenge’.

'Bad Bridesmaid'. In this comedy entertainment format the bride faces several awkward set-ups where she will have to introduce the new ‘bad bridesmaid’, played by an experienced comedy actress, to her friends and family and grin and bear the consequences. Should she get through her bizarre hen experience and fool those closest to her that the crazy bridesmaid really is a genuine friend, they will win the ultimate luxury honeymoon.

'Cats Uncovered'. Cats are tagged with GPS collars and their every movement is recorded, day and night. They are also fitted with specially developed cat-cams.

'Holiday of My Lifetime'. Celebrities go back in time to recreate and relive their most memorable childhood holidays. They visit the same sights, go on the same excursions and check out the same accommodation. It forms a backdrop for a biography of each celebrity and the childhood experiences that helped make them who they are today.

'Home Away From Home'. In this travel series, couples and families exchange their house for three days and three nights. Each of the homeowners must leave the other a homemade guide to the local area, recommending days out, places to eat and things to do. After the exchange is over, the two parties get to see footage of just who’s been living in their home and what they thought of the experience.

'Million Dollar Critic'. A critic will traverse cities and towns, discovering the newest, freshest, and most authentic dining experience out there. In each town, he will grant one deserving restaurant a million dollar review that will change their lives forever.

'The Factory Controller'. Concentrating on a different small business each week, the respected business leader analyses the company and after a thorough examination he provides his expert analysis and instigates new strategies. Over his four month guardianship he’ll give them the bus. and get an insight into the future of the business in years to come.

'Tumble'. In this primetime entertainment series, 10 celebrities are pushed to their physical limits in a range of gymnastic and circus inspired disciplines. The famous faces are each partnered with a professional gymnast/performer and compete live in skills including Aerial Hoop, Acrobatic Floor and Trampoline. Action replays highlight the most impressive moments from the routine, while an experienced gymnastics commentator is on hand to describe the technical skills on show. The celebrities are scored by a panel of four professional judges and each week the two lowest scoring celebrities compete against each other on a vault – leaving it down to the head judge to decide who stays.

'Songs from the Inside' sees leading musicians enter prisons and challenge inmates to find their song and their story. Inmates open up about what lead them into jail and the family they are missing on the outside.

'Your Home in Their Hands' sees four aspiring home decorators let loose to make over the interiors of two homes. They’ll have to work together despite their differences to produce impress the homeowners and the interior designer host.


'Bluestone 42'. Comedy drama following a team of soldiers who just happen to be risking their lives diffusing hidden bombs.

'Death in Paradise'. Detective series about an inspector who is assigned to investigate a murder on the paradise island of Saint-Marie in the Caribbean, despite his hatred of sun, sea and sand.

'Inside Men'. Drama about three employees of a security depot who plan and execute a multimillion pound cash heist.

'Moone Boy'. Family comedy series about a young boy growing up in a chaotic and creative household in the late 1980s.

'Orphan Black'. Sarah is a streetwise outsider, currently on the run from a bad relationship and painfully separated from her own daughter. When an eerily lookalike stranger commits a shocking suicide right in front of her, Sarah sees a potential solution to all her problems by assuming the dead woman’s identity and clearing out her bank account. But instead, she stumbles headlong into a kaleidoscopic thriller mystery, and soon uncovers an earth-shattering secret: she is a clone.

'The Next Step'. Reality-style drama follows the lives of a group of dancers as they attempt to win the regional dance championships.