MIPTV 2015: New Formats by FremantleMedia

Ramona Sedlmeier, winner of The Most Beautiful Woman Germany

From 'The Most Beautiful Woman' to 'Extreme Love'. FremantleMedia introduces new MIPTV 2015 formats line-up.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

FremantleMedia brings new formats to MIPTV. The company will introduce these new formats to international buyers:

'The Most Beautiful Woman' invites women of all ages and backgrounds to take part in a national competition designed to find the most beautiful women in the country. The format empowers the women themselves to choose who shines the most with inner beauty as the series heads towards the live final in which the audience votes to decide who is The Most Beautiful Woman.

The show premiered on German RTL on February 11 with 3.01 million viewers (3+) and 14.3% share in 14-59 demo. Finale achieved 2.5 mil. viewership (3+) and 10.1% share in 14-59 according to RTL press release. Channel's year-to-date average is 12.6% in 14-59.

'Chef On The Block' sees professional restauranteurs risk their reputations in a bid to be the best. Each episode features three pairs of chefs as they visit each other’s restaurants and score the restaurants' food, décor and overall service. The restaurants with the highest score across the series meet in the grand finale as the top three battle it out for the top spot and the national champion is named the Chef on the Block. Watch the video here.

'10 Questions You Wouldn't Ask On A First Date' is a dating quiz show filmed on location. Each blind date couple can win cash prize by answering questions correctly about each other. But these questions are the 10 questions you would never ask on a first date - salary, political persuasion, favourite sexual position, etc. Each correct answer builds the cash prize.

'The Trade Off' explores the huge lifestyle contrasts that occur when two professionals from vastly different working environments swap jobs and salaries for two weeks. Both workers will have to learn on the job, impress brand-new bosses and deal with a completely different set of customers. During their time away, the two workers are immersed in an unfamiliar community, meet the family and friends of their opposite number, and gain an insight into just how different life can be.

'Dogs: Their Secret Lives' provides an insight into the behaviour of our canine friends. The format sees a veterinary expert, take on the role of pet detective to tackle the major welfare issues that affect dogs and their owners. Using spy-cam and GoPro technology, the audience will witness the ways in which being home alone can impact on pet dogs. From issues with obesity and aggression, to neurosis - the expert reviews the surveillance and combines their expert advice with enlightening experiments to demonstrate what can be done to help treat and prevent these types of behaviour.

Game show format 'Cash or Splash' sees teams of contestants compete for cash prizes by answering questions and completing hilarious physical challenges in order to avoid being sent for a plunge into an icy pool of water.

Dating format 'Extreme Love' sees romance, survival and heart-break as the show challenges a group of modern-day Prince Charming’s to prove their survival skills in order to win the hand of their princess. The men arrive with nothing but the shirts on their back. They live together in a simple compound with only the basics to get by. Each week, they must compete against nature, with success ensuring better shelter and more food. Their progress is monitored by the maiden who, located in a luxurious villa, will then chose two of the most impressive suitors to accompany her on a date so that she can get to know them better.

International content market MIPTV (April 13-16, 2015) takes place at Palais des Festivals, Esplanade Georges Pompidou, Cannes, France. Find more about the market here.

(source: FremantleMedia press release)