'Idols', 'Got Talent'... What's Next? FremantleMedia Adds New Shows

Perfect Score

FremantleMedia, worldwide distributor of Idols and Got Talent formats, announces new additions to its catalogue. See what they are about.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

FremantleMedia, worldwide distributor of Idols and Got Talent formats, announces new additions to its catalogue. International buyers will see them for the first time in October at MIPCOM 2013 market.

Genealogy Roadshow. Irish reality series recently acquired from Big Mountain Productions. Described as "part detective story, part emotional journey", it uncovers stories behind our pasts using history and science to dig deep into family secrets, offering ordinary people the opportunity to find their place in history. The series originally launched on RTÉ in Ireland and became the no.1 show in its time slot by averaging a 25.9% share across total individuals, 4+. RTÉ has now commissioned a second series and an American version is set to debut in the US later this year on PBS.

A New Beginning empowers women who, as a result of setbacks in their lives feel like they have not fulfilled their potential. Nominated by their loved ones, the series looks to enhance the lives of these women with an eight week programme of mental and physical exercises put together by a psychologist and specialist team of cosmetic and stylist professionals. The group works together to erase the visible traces of previous trauma and help the women to take their lives back into their own hands.

Through The Keyhole is part quiz, part panel and part chat show. The format takes viewers on a VIP tour, looking around the homes of favourite celebrities, while a studio panel of celebrity guests try to answer the question: who lives in a house like this? The show recently launched on the UK’s ITV.

Break The Safe. BBC ONE’s best-performing quiz show of 2013. Studio-based primetime format. Three pairs of contestants have to battle it out over a series of fast-paced rounds – filling the safe with prize money along the way. The final couple get the chance to unlock the safe, but only if they can press their buttons in sync at the end of 30 seconds. It’s not as easy as it sounds, though. With 30 seconds left, the finalists are separated from one another and the massive studio clock disappears from the set. With a single second margin of error, they have only their own internal clock to rely on if they are to have any chance of opening the safe and winning the prize money.

Boxing Glove. New comedy format where one moment of hesitation means a punch from a giant boxing glove which can land you in ice-cold water.

Perfect Score. Two friends compete against each other for cash as they turn their most compatible matches from a range of would-be suitors into prize money. The more perfect the match, the higher the cash.

(source: FremantleMedia press release)