Armoza Launches New Formats at MIPCOM. Including 'By Invitation Only', 'Tied to Mom'

By Invitation Only

Israeli distribution company Armoza Formats brings seven new formats to MIPCOM 2014.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Israeli distribution company Armoza Formats announces complete MIPCOM 2014 line-up. There are seven new show in its catalogue:

'By Invitation Only' - weekly show that gives you the chance to get to know your most beloved celebrities in an entirely different environment. Each episode our celebrity host invites 4 celebrity friends to his private.

'Tied to Mom' - factual entertainment show that sees if you could survive being tied to your mother for 3 whole days. Comical social experiment.

'Ambush' - hidden camera prime time show in which celebrities’ nearest and dearest will subject them to some extreme jokes. The show combines on-location pranks and studio entertainment.

Romantic comedy 'The Odds' portrays a man who leaves his wife for another woman, and then tries everything to win her back when he realizes he’s made a mistake.

'The Godmother' - drama miniseries that portrays all the shades of morality as it follows the family-oriented woman as she heads up a money laundering and cocaine trafficking operation. A loving mother and a true friend, she is above suspicion as she leads a powerful crime organization with a cold heart.

Line-up includes 'The People's Choice' and 'Flight 920'. You can find more information about them here.

(source: Armoza Formats press release)